Aids in regulating and stabilizing blood sugar.

Contains lutein necessary to protect you from age-related eye degeneration

Provides oleic acid which improves the cardiovascular system. I contains folic acid to control homocysteine levels

Contains antioxidant “Glutathione” which boosts the body’s immune system

Contains more fiber than any other food which makes you feel full on less – good for weight loss


improves  memory

neuroprotectiveproperties against aluminum-,stroke,  and glucose deprivation-associated neurotoxicity

unclogs the cardiovascular system,

potentially protect the unborn fetus by reducing oxidative stress in the placenta

reduces disease activity and oxidative stress in rheumatoid patients

anti-atherogenic properties by reducing oxidative stress, including LDL cholesterol oxidation.

prolong prostate doubling, as well as inhibit the proliferation and increase programmed cell death in the prostates of men with prostate cancer



One of the most well-established health benefits of consuming apples is to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer

Other health benefits of apple or apple byproducts (e.g. apple vinegar) consumption which include:

Aging,Reduce Rate


Allopecia (Hair Loss)


Insulin Resistance

Liver Cancer

Radiation Induced Illness

Staphylococcol Infection